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The first week learning module begins with introducing you to the course and the instructors. The module outlines the content and the scope covered throughout the rest of this course. We start by taking a look at the history of Internet of Things, how it has evolved over time and what are the new innovations coming up in this space. We also take a look at the fundamentals of how the communication model works in the Internet of Things. We hope this week gives you insights into what is covered in this course and get you acquainted with the prerequisite knowledge

Welcome to the LoRaWAN Academy! This course is designed for people who are interested in learning about Internet of Things, and in particular about the low power, wide area networking standard called LoRaWAN. The course provides theoretical concepts along with hands-on activities that will get you familiarised with different aspects of the standard. For completing some of the assignments and projects in this course, you must have access to specific hardware devices.

Getting started with LoRa and LoRaWAN should be for everyone and should be low threshold. The challenge at this time, is that the ecosystem is still emerging, and large-scale sensor network deployments are still scarce. The promises of LoRa as a superior LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) standard need to be fulfilled. The mission of the partners behind the LoRaWAN Academy is to deliver a new group of IoT developers to the market.

A few of the design considerations for developing this course have been:

  • Available content on the web is fragmented and its quality and neutrality are often hard to assess. We create new content for a smooth learning experience, and curate relevant existing content and match it with your learning objectives.
  • As it encompasses a solid framework of related themes, we set the context for an integral and highly accessible learning experience.

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